Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)鳳眼藍(布袋蓮)

It is a fast growing floating aqua plant which flower in summer with hyacinth like flower, full sun. It is not cold tolerant here. It is either treated as annual or needed to bring in the house over winter. It is better not growing in open water since it is invasive. Sorry it is not a good photo because it is end of the season.
2013-10-08 014 (Medium)
它是生長快速的浮水植物,夏季開類似像風信子一樣的花,全日照. 在北美不耐寒,可當成一年生或要用容器裝水室內養著過冬. 由於生長強勢,最好不要養在開放的水域. 花快謝前勉強拍的,照的不好,請包涵.

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