Fall colour秋色

Fall colour秋色

I see trees and shrubs starting to change colour, what an art show! 我見秋色漸深了,美的像幅畫!
2013-09-22 055 (Medium)2013-09-22 062 (Medium)2013-09-22 063 (Medium)
2013-09-29 001 (Medium)2013-09-29 006 (Medium)2013-09-29 010 (Medium)2013-09-29 011 (Medium)2013-09-29 023 (Medium)2013-09-29 026 (Medium)2013-09-29 009 (Medium)2013-09-29 020 (Medium)

28 thoughts on “Fall colour秋色

  1. What a beautiful combination of colors and tree species in your photos! Here in south-central Minnesota, just a few of the trees are beginning to change – mainly ash, walnut and white birch; but the rest will change in the next 10 days. I love autumn, but I am always sad to see the end of the growing season. I enjoy your blog!

  2. Those are beautiful pictures. I particularly like the contrasts in the bottom right picture.

    We don’t get a lot of colour change in foliage here in Australia, it’s pretty much all evergreens, so it’s nice to see your pictures and remember what a northern hemisphere autumn is like. 🙂





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