Natural Pest Control – Praying Mantis and Dragon Fly!生物防治法-螳螂和蜻蜓

Natural Pest Control – Praying Mantis and Dragon Fly!生物防治法-螳螂和蜻蜓
Praying mantis will eat anything moves which the size they can grab. Dragon fly will take any insects which flying in the air or resting in visible range. Great predators to control garden pest!
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18 thoughts on “Natural Pest Control – Praying Mantis and Dragon Fly!生物防治法-螳螂和蜻蜓

    • You can purchase couple around April on line or in some local nurseries.

      I bought lots for my clients and myself every spring for many years now. They work great for my garden and clients’ garden. 🙂 Love the food chain/net in nature, not toxic or not damage plants. Great for veggie garden!

  1. I had an overflow of praying mantis in my garden last summer. There was a very big and fat one just by our entrance for days (pregnant? it had smaller ones visiting it too). I hope they will return again this year. My girls love watching them too.

    • Years of pesticide over dosage, our environment become toxic and lost balance. Lots of beneficial insects couldn’t keep up the speed as they should. Sad… Even with my garden, no chemical for about 5 years then the balance is now normal.

      I hope more people realize this and rather eat maybe leafy veggies with holes instead of “perfect" looking produce with invisible pesticide.


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