蔓玫Rosa ‘New Dawn’

蔓玫Rosa ‘New Dawn’
Gorgeous, so fragrant, extremely hardy and super long blooming time (from late spring to first snow), it is a must-have climbing rose! 美麗芬芳,強健好養而且花期超長(春末到下初雪)真是值得種的蔓性玫瑰!
Rosa 'New Dawn'
2013-08-25 011 (Medium)

15 thoughts on “蔓玫Rosa ‘New Dawn’

      • Thank you! My New Dawn is huge and when it blooms it does so vigorously. It will take half a day just to remove spent flowers but I will give it a go next year. Thanks for the tip about the fertilizer too. I live in BC so I should be able to get it to bloom longer.

      • I usually cut back heavy pruning in the late fall/early winter to force it stop flowering–without doing it, it will continue to flower until it is snowing…

        In early spring, when snow melt, use manure and couple rose spikes, it will bloom like crazy! After late spring the major blooming, light prune away the spent flowers to stop seeding, add some fertilizer (manure or rose spike powder) again, it will continue to have crazy and fragrant display, you can repeat it until it is cold, but you live in BC, probably will bloom way longer than in Ontario. Good luck!



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