Allan Gardens Conservatory (Toronto, Ontario)

Allan Gardens Conservatory (Toronto, Ontario)Hours of operation: 10 am – 5 pm, 365 days/year
Free admission, Wheel chair accessible
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10 thoughts on “Allan Gardens Conservatory (Toronto, Ontario)

  1. Hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog and especially love the photo of the passionflower here (a favorite flower of mine; one that I learned about just last summer when I “discovered" it at an arboretum near my home). Don’t you just love exploring public gardens like this one? If I’m ever in Ontario, I look forward to visiting it. Thanks for sharing photos of your own visit there.

    • The official site said: “Allan Gardens Conservatory is a major landmark and tourist attraction in downtown Toronto. It’s historic, cast-iron and glass domed “Palm House" was built in 1910 and is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. A botanical gem in the heart of the city, Allan Gardens has a permanent collection of exotic plants and beautiful seasonal flower shows."

      So it was built in similar time period, I guess at time this kind of style was popular! 🙂


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