Broad-leaved Helleborine(Epipactis helleborine)小河蘭

Broad-leaved Helleborine(Epipactis helleborine)小河蘭
This is one of the common native orchids in Ontario, Canada. I see them free flowering in July/August under big trees. No fragrance, flower size is small about 1cm (3/8″) across on a flower stem, seed pods usually mature around October, self seeded. Mature plant height is almost 60 cm (24″), they prefer shade.
北美原生的小河蘭,成熟植株約達2呎高,夏天7月/8月開花,十月種子達成熟會爆開,種子粉狀細小,容易生長繁殖,喜生長在陰暗的大樹下. 花無香味,有逐漸城市化的趨勢.
2013-07-21 013 (Medium)

2 thoughts on “Broad-leaved Helleborine(Epipactis helleborine)小河蘭

  1. I was amazed to find one of these growing in a pile of weeds next to my house outside of New York City about 10 years ago. I had never seen one before – they’re not common at all there. When you look close, as you show us, they’re really amazing plants.


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