How to grow Tulip from seeds(Tulipa)鬱金香種子孵法

How to grow Tulip from seeds(Tulipa)鬱金香種子孵法

Spring tulips.(Tulipa)春天的鬱金香.

Spring tulips.(Tulipa)春天的鬱金香.

Spring tulips.(Tulipa)春天的鬱金香.

Spring tulips.(Tulipa)春天的鬱金香.

So, this is what tulip seeds look like…Open the ripe seed pod, look for the viable seeds.
You can plant seeds but it will take 3-5 years to have first flower.

2013-07-12 074 (Medium)2013-07-12 075 (Medium)

2013-07-12 077 (Medium)

Select viable seeds from ripen tulip seed pods. (Left lower corner in the picture.)(Tulipa) 由鬱金香成熟種莢中分離有效種子.(左下角)

Tulip seed germination.(Tulipa) 鬱金香種子孵出.

Tulip seed germination.(Tulipa) 鬱金香種子孵出.

How to grow tulips from seeds:


Don’t know if you want to do it but I just do this to show anyone who is curious this is doable.  🙂

Of course, buying bulbs is faster and inexpensive.

可能大家不可能孵,種子取得可能也有難度.  這篇是來滿足大家的好奇心.  以前我直播過也有長出.  為了拍照和記錄特別用苗盆再孵一次.  當然了,買球來種比較快也不貴.

1.Select viable seeds from ripen seed pods.  Dry but refrigerate these seeds.

1.由成熟的種莢中篩選有效種子.  乾燥保存但不冰.

2.Sowing in late fall or early winter indoors.  Fill the moist but not soggy potting soil in the container with lid to keep the moisture.  Place the seeds on the surface of soil, keep the lid on. Place the container in partial shade location indoors, room temperature.

2.初冬播種於培養土的有蓋苗盆的土表,上蓋. 苗盆置於半日照.  室溫就可以了.

3.Open the lid to check the progress and for fresh air shortly once in every 2-3 days until seeds germinate.

3.每兩三天開蓋短暫透氣一次.  上蓋續孵到發芽.

4.Pick the sprouted seeds carefully and plant them individually in pots or in the ground.  Partial shade until growing leaves than move them to full sun location.

4.孵出芽後揀出個別盆植. 半日照到快出葉轉全日照.


9 thoughts on “How to grow Tulip from seeds(Tulipa)鬱金香種子孵法

  1. You know, I have some species tulips, and they seem to bloom much sooner. I usually let them just die down, and I don’t deadhead them. My favorite one shows up all over the garden where I least expect it – it’s like a gift each year! 🙂


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