Landscaping before and after造景前後

2013-06-02 (1) (Medium) (Medium)
030 (Medium)
022 (Medium)
014 (Medium)
009 (Medium)
2013-06-27 (17)
2013-06-27 (10)
2013-05-24 004 (Medium)
2013-05-24 004 (Medium)
2013-06-27 (24)
2013-05-24 010 (Medium)
2013-06-27 (20)
2013-05-24 007 (Medium)
2013-05-24 003 (Medium)
2013-05-24 001 (Medium)
017026 (Medium)033 (Medium)

105 thoughts on “Landscaping before and after造景前後

  1. I see a lot of work involved but well worth the effort. You did wonderful. As previously stated, a bench is what is needed just to sit and admire what has been done.

  2. You have to live in Japan or have visited there to see and appreciate the simplicity of their gardens. They have so little space that a mere alley-way becomes awe-inspiring. I like your gravel photos. I remember the Japanese gardens in Tokyo and Matsushima used raked gravel to simulate water and stones for islands and miniature trees on them. I miss the exploring part of being in Japan.

  3. Love your work, especially birdbath and feeder. Wish I could sit there, pretending to be a bush and trying to take some more photos of the feathered wildlife. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking Cute Visitors 🙂

  4. Wow – talk about impressive – not to mention GORGEOUS!! Your garden is simply beautiful – as are your photos !! What fun to see the “before" and the wonderful “after"!! And thanks so much for dropping by My Yellow Farmhouse and “liking" my photos!

  5. Your garden is spectacular. It’s the kind of place that I like to sit in when I paint. Thanks for visiting by blog and liking my paintings. As you can see I also love to garden and paint flowers. Have an artful day! Marian

  6. Wow, what a change – you have done a really nice job and must be absolutely thrilled. It is fun to watch the garden change too, year by year. I started with a blank space, rather than your overgrown one, but I am also pleased so know how you must feel!

    • Welcome, thanks for visiting my blog! I am glad you like my blog, different countries have different plants so have different landscape and scenery. Thanks for internet, we study and search things so easy nowadays! 🙂 Blogging is very good to meet friends far away from all over the world! — Jane


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