First harvest! 第一次收成的菜!

First harvest! 第一次收成的菜!
They are baby pak choi, Chinese green leafy veggie, their growing time is short. Very tender, already eaten! With netting, chicken wire and praying mantis, they are pretty safe. 🙂 這些是收成期很短的小白菜,很嫩,已經炒來吃掉了. 有螳螂吃蟲和網架保護著,不用怕這些菜被莫名其妙啃食.
2013-06-11 003 (Medium)

10 thoughts on “First harvest! 第一次收成的菜!

  1. I’m growing Pak Choi for the first time this year, I have started them off in small pots but they won’t be happy in there for very long. Will need to transplant them soon.


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