Veggie planters update! 蔬菜種植箱的進度.

I planted spinach and pak choi seeds in this planter. On both sides are cherry tomatoes and climbing cucumbers and peas. Cherry tomatoes are flowering and fruiting along with peas and cucumbers! I grew these seedlings from seeds in early spring. There are couple of wax beans inside as well to experiment this year. 初春播種種子成長的小苗和種子直播種植出的. 由左而右為小蕃茄,菠菜,小白菜,大黃瓜和豌豆.
So soon another two weeks I should be able to enjoy the first harvest of pak choi for stir-fry! Looks so tender and yummy alreay…
好快就長到開花結果的階段,再兩週應該小白菜就可第一次收成炒來吃了! 看起來真是鮮嫩可口啊…
The other planter is for slow growing veggies. 另一箱種的是較長生長期的蔬菜.
2013-06-03 planter (Medium)

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