Creeping thyme is blooming! 匍匐性百里香開花了!-part 2

So soft and so fragrant! It is great sitting or lying down on top of it. Wonderful feeling!匍匐性百里香開花成紫花毯,芬芳柔軟,坐或躺在花毯上別有情趣.
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40 thoughts on “Creeping thyme is blooming! 匍匐性百里香開花了!-part 2

    • Yes, we have lounge chairs there when weather is warm and we will fill the water to run the lion fountain. The arbour we designed and built, it is shady and cool after 1:30pm so you can read and have tea/coffee there and watch birds closely (also humming birds) with flower fragrance, nice breeze, birds singing and water sound… you can call backyard paradise! 🙂

  1. You bring so much variety in beauty into my home with your lovely photographs. You also have so many useful ideas and helpful tips on planting and propagating. I love all of your stories. You cover such a variety of topics. It is refreshing. For that reason I have nominated you for: “The Versatile Blogger Award.” I promise you that nothing will happen if you choose not to play it forward, but if you choose to you can find instructions here:

  2. 请问您的百里香多久长这么多啊,我刚买了种子不知道能成功不。还有第四张那个大的紫色的是什么啊,两个颜色呼应好漂亮啊。

  3. 请问百里香什么时候播种好呢?需要用草帘一类的覆盖以便遮光保湿吗?我打算种在我的花园甬路上,那里是全日照,阳光还是很强的,夏天热的时候会不会死掉啊?

    • 面積大的話用直播快而且成本低. 但以扦插最快.

      好了. 我都是跟客戶回答這些專業問題的而且是要收錢的. 除非你要付費,否則不再回答問題了. 你可以就近請教本地的nurseries.謝謝.


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