Beautiful spring flowering trees in Toronto! 多倫多綻放的美麗花樹!

Beautiful spring flowering trees in Toronto! 多倫多綻放的美麗花樹!
It is lovely warm spring, you can see all kinds of flowering trees and shrubs everywhere! Also the wonder fragrances in the air!
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2013-05-05 241 (Medium)2013-05-09 057 (Large)AzaleaViburnnumYellow flowering currantFlowering crabapple treeJapanese cherry tree-1Ornamental PearsCommon LilacDouble Lilac lavenderSpireaFlowering quince-1Japanese cherry treeWeeping Japanese cherryapple treeNorway maple 'Crimson King'Florida flowering dogwoodJapanese double KerriaTricolor Beech tree??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2013-05-17 031

20 thoughts on “Beautiful spring flowering trees in Toronto! 多倫多綻放的美麗花樹!

  1. What gorgeous flowering trees, and so many! I love the Japanese Magnolias and the flowering crab apples. Was that an almond bush that I saw with the small light pink frilly blossoms. it is very rare. We had one on the corner of my home back in GA years ago and I have never seen another one since. It is not the nut tree but we called it almond bush for its fragrance.

  2. Beautiful photo captures. I’ve looked around your blog and have enjoyed my visit. My favorite subject to photograph and view are flowers! I haven’t been to Toronto yet, but look forward to someday…with camera in hand. Great job. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by gardenofmysoul. Blessings!!

  3. Your photo of the double lilac is really beautiful. I was amazed that it is already out in Toronto, my white lilac is still in bud here in England. Is Toronto warmer due to the ‘city effect’ – London is often 2 degrees warmer than rural East Anglia?

    • I think England is warmer for sure! This year there were a period of time quite warm, I wouldn’t say it is normal for every year.

      Different lilac has different scent, single, double, white, pink, mauve, purple, bi-color, deep purple they all have their own unique fragrance. Lilac flowers can be make flower jam, too! How neat!


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