Bleeding Hearts! 綻放的荷包牡丹!

Bleeding Hearts! 綻放的荷包牡丹!
White, red, pink, pink flowers with golden leaves and dwarf one! 白色,紅色,粉色,粉色金葉,還有矮性品種!
2013-05-13 009 (Large)2013-05-12 037 (Medium)2013-05-12 025 (Medium)2013-05-12 021 (Medium)2013-05-12 019 (Medium)

16 thoughts on “Bleeding Hearts! 綻放的荷包牡丹!

  1. A garden in the city, indeed! It is pleasing to see that you are adding beauty to your neighbourhood by bringing the colour of the garden into the city – your neighbours will, hopefully, appreciate your efforts … Well done!


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