My spring backyard — Tulips春之後院–鬱金香群

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Here is my spring backyard, I designed it years ago, under arbour is where we hang out for afternoon tea and do bird watching. It is spring time full with tulips. Of course when tulips are gone, other flowers take place according to different seasons and the garden fragrances will also change.

這裡是幾年前我設計的我家的後院,現在開了不少的鬱金香,涼棚下是我們喝下午茶和賞鳥的地方. 當然鬱金香謝後會有其它的花代之而起,隨著季節改變後院的景色和香氣也不同.

27 thoughts on “My spring backyard — Tulips春之後院–鬱金香群

  1. Wow! What is the creamy greenish flower at the top of your post? Inspirational! Gardening with young children and raccoons is not very amenable to tulips. But I have recently trained my three-year old to fixate upon dandelions, a spring bounty she can pluck fearlessly from any yard in the neighborhood. (She was going after everyone’s irises and I was going to have to show her the scary scene from Beauty and the Beast…) Thanks for following my blog!

    • That one is Helleborus Hybrid ‘Cotton Candy’, double pink will mature to pale yellowish green then green. You can grow this from dividing the plant or seeds. They grow slow though.

      Beauty and the Beast…she must be scared! People plant beautiful flowers for everyone to look at, not meant for picking the most of the time. She should be careful with some plants out there because there are some plants are quite toxic, like poison ivy for example. I hope she learns a lot and likes gardening and nature!

  2. 請問第二張照片裡,深紫色的小花,是紫蘇開的花嗎…
    白濱菊也長了好多… lupine很容易長…有6株長出葉子來了…
    對你,真的心中好感激…幫助我圓夢 ~ 謝謝 ~ 謝謝 ~

    • 是多年生矮性的尖葉福祿考.日本叫"芝櫻".它是常綠低矮的地被植物,非常耐寒好種.

      紫蘇的種子很容易長出. 任其生長落籽會長成一大片所以需要控制數量. 很高興聽到你孵出種子的消息,希望早日開花! 🙂


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