Building Cedar Planters For Edibles 釘建蔬果種植區

Building Cedar Planters For Edibles 釘建蔬果種植區
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Going to build four cedar planters in total. Due to the weather and time we so far only built two.

The trick of these planters is to seperate the original ground from the planter soil because the tree roots are everywhere in the garden.

Construction was as follows:
– the two 4’x 8′ sized planters were framed with 4×4 lumber as a rectangle
– then 6 short 7″ height 4″ X 4″ feet were added for each planter (connected with angles)
– covered with cedar planks on sides and top
– laid down and stapled the pond liner on inside the planter to seperate the ground then layer
– stapled the landscape fabric

The next steps will be to fill with good clean soil and then plant the seedlings that I have been growing indoors.

The price is not cheap for the materials but they look good and will last many years!

If you are lucky and able to plant in the ground, that is great and cheap! If not, plan it out for the cost and size you want. The most important thing is protect your crop from animal damage.

48 thoughts on “Building Cedar Planters For Edibles 釘建蔬果種植區

  1. Those look lovely and very nicely constructed. I’d like to ask whether you’ve perforated the pond liner or not? You’ve not mentioned and I wonder because if they’ve not been perforated then the water won’t drain away.


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