Lotus seed growth (in progress) 孵蓮子續篇

2013-02-26 002

Lotus seed growth (in progress)孵蓮子續篇

Day 20. Two leaves and the third leaf is coming. You can see the root already.
第20天. 已有2片小葉,第3片葉片已形成. 可以看到根已長出.

Planning to plant it into a water container with soil (better in clay soil) and hopefully the weather will be warmer by then.


Plant one in a large bucket with dirt 1.5-2 feet deep with some water over the soil. It will flower either in 3 months or next year. Put some copper things (pennies or other copper object so will not grow mosquitos).

They can be over winter outdoors with simply protection. The lotus root, leave and flowers can be veggies too!

You actually can purchase lotus seeds from dry lotus pods cheap from any craft store!

16 thoughts on “Lotus seed growth (in progress) 孵蓮子續篇

    • From craft store or flower store to buy dry lotus seed pod will be better. Most of Chinese store sold those dry shell-less seeds already remove the shoots and damaged are meant for food. I do not know if you can grow them.

      I am experimenting that, only one is still OK (1 of the 6). Don’t know if this remain one will make to sprout.. I will post my result later.

      Anyway, the price is right and easy to get! It is worthy to do the experiment.

  1. These seeds grow fast! In my local market there are some fresh lotus ‘roots’ for sale with big buds that look like they will grow – I think I will buy a couple this weekend and see if I can get them going!

    • If you are talking about the Chinese grocery store the fresh chunky roots, unfortunately the variety of it does not flower. That variety bred for its flashy roots for cooking and leaves (use as food wrap and medicine for loosing weight), some varieties for flowers, seed pods with stems and seeds for cooking and medicine.

      I am experimenting to grow from store bought dry seeds, I will post the result soon. I hope you will be interested in the result.

      Have fun with gardening!



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