Home Made Canned Roast Red Peppers 自製罐裝烤紅椒

9-8Roast Peppers (1)

9-8Roast Peppers (2)

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9-8Roast Peppers (12) (Medium)

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9-8Roast Peppers (15) (Medium)

9-8Roast Peppers (16)

9-8Roast Peppers (18)Home Made Canned Roast Red Peppers 自製罐裝烤紅椒
My neighbours Lynn and Karen showed me the whole process in the fall. Now I have time to post it.
我的鄰居(夫妻檔),每年都會製作一次這個. 秋末時我跟他們說我要幫忙和拍照記錄做法. 現在比較有時間就略為整理後發表.
1.Prepare red pepper and fuel.
2. Get fire going.
3.Char the pepper skin and soften pepper flesh.
4. Remove the charred skin and seeds with knife, remove excess fluid with dry paper towel. Keep the knife and cutting board clean.
4.將烤焦的外皮和種子用刀子撥掉. 然後用紙巾吸掉多餘水份. 這個過程要常清洗刀子和砧板…
5.Dry the pepper one more time with paper towel, fill the jar (250ml Mason Jars) with pepper (about 4/5 full or higher), put the lid and tighten it. The lid should be use one time only. Soaked the lids with hot water. Almost all supermarket and stores sell this kind of new jars and lids. When you reuse the old jars and lids, you will need to boil them in boiling water long enough to sterilize them before using.
5.將處理好的紅椒再用乾紙巾吸掉多餘水份後裝罐(4/5滿 或稍滿 )後,蓋緊旋緊. 圖中所示玻璃罐為250ml的Mason Jars. 蓋子只能用一次,用熱水泡過. 玻璃小罐一般超市或店裡都有賣新的消毒過罐子和蓋子和旋蓋. 若罐子是重覆使用過的要先在水中徹底煮過消毒才能使用.
6.Boil in a big deep pot, gently put the prepared jars in the boiling water, each layer put a towel to separate them to avoid the jars clash and break.
7.Keep the water over the top towel and boil about twenty minuates to half an hour to sterilize the contents.
7.要燒水到約20-30分鐘,要注意不要燒乾. 一定要顧著, 水位太低了要加水,務使毛巾蓋著的玻璃罐有水淹過. 這個是消毒內容物程序.
8.When sterilization is done, turn the heat off and take the jars out to room temperature to cool down gradually. You will hear the lids popping, it means the process is done. In old days, almost every household will do this every year in the end of planting season to preserve extra food. Family members or with close friends/neighbours will do this together and then share. You can chat about recent events and joke during the process. Most important is you know what is inside — no seasoning or any chemical preservatives.
8.消毒程序結速後熄火後小心用夾子把罐子撈出放在通風處放涼. 在放涼期間你會聽到"啵"的聲音表示已達罐內真空. 室內放冷後就可裝箱貯藏,在將來的時間想吃就開一罐來吃. 由於此法麻煩現在的人都漸漸地已經不再自家制做了…在以往由於秋天蔬果豐收到吃不完的時候家家戶戶會請家庭成員幫忙制做一來是增加團聚機會,二來使食物能保鮮在冬天和春天時未種植期和初種植期的食物較缺乏期食用. 最後是自己制做的話比較安心沒有任何其它的作料和化學物,所以吃得安心!

11 thoughts on “Home Made Canned Roast Red Peppers 自製罐裝烤紅椒

  1. i love pepper/chillies and their whole family and adore the smell of roasted fresh chillies. this is one preparation i am looking forward to trying out. but i am wondering how it is consumed – as a side dish? or is it to be used as an ingredient in other recipes?



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